Introduction from Senator John Le Fondré – Chief Minister

Thank you for visiting this dedicated website for the recruitment of our Chief Executive Officer and Head of the Public Service for the Government of Jersey.

This is no ordinary job. There are very few opportunities to take responsibility for the delivery of the whole range of public services to an entire population, to manage the administration of a state with tax raising and treasury powers, to steer the economy, lead public policy and enhance Jersey’s already substantial position on the international stage.

The departure of the UK from the EU will lead to a period of uncertainty as well as opportunity for Jersey. We need to ensure that our range of businesses, from financial services and tourism to agriculture and fishing can thrive through this period of change.

Closer to home we enjoy one of the fastest broadband connections in the world and have initiated a significant public sector reform agenda. There is a need to ensure world class health and social care for a changing population, a clear commitment to the education and development of our children in a safe and inspiring learning environment and an ongoing drive for economic development harnessing the Island’s natural resources and the talents of our people.

Protecting all Islanders, especially those at highest risk from the effects of Covid-19, will remain our priority as we continue to react to the medical, mental health and economic challenges presented by the pandemic. This includes ensuring the wellbeing of our Island’s children; protecting our elderly citizens and those who feel isolated by the pandemic; and supporting those whose livelihoods are threatened. To date, we have implemented a number of initiatives which have supported Islanders against the effects of the pandemic, and which have attracted some attention internationally. Over the coming years, our focus on regeneration and capital programmes will also deliver a future for Islanders that is unprecedented.

Within the States’ Government we are determined to drive transformational change, realising our ‘digital first’ vision for the delivery of services to the public, improving quality while carefully managing costs.

For this exceptional role we are seeking an exceptional individual. We are open-minded about what you are doing now, and we welcome a wide range of experience. However, you should be ready to demonstrate a successful track record of delivering services for the public, leading on transformational change, and an ability to provide leadership to our Civil Service in a fast-moving political environment. We will expect you to possess the intellectual capability to advise on domestic and foreign policy as well as work with our talented senior team on matters such as treasury, welfare benefits, health, education and infrastructure.

We’re transforming so we can deliver modern, quality, value-for-money public services for islanders, that are effective and responsive to the needs of our community and stakeholders, as well as establishing a right- first-time culture.

Thank you again for your interest and I hope to see your application soon.

Senator John Le Fondré – Chief Minister of the Government of Jersey